The Beauty Thousand Islands

Do you wish to enjoy your holiday with something different, something beautiful, something awesome? The Thousand Island National Park is the answer. You will be comforted into a thousand of beautifulness in The Beauty Thousand Islands. Let me introduce it to you.

The Thousand Island National Park is the area of marine conservation by total area 107,489 km2 at geographic location 5°23’ – 5°40’ S and 106°25’ – 106°37’ E. It consists of 110 islands, that is: Air Besar Island, Air Kecil Island/Jusi Island, Ayer Island, Belanda Island, Biawak Island, Bidadari Island/Purmerend Island, Bokor Island, Bira Besar Island, Bira Kecil Island, Bulat Island, Bundar Island, Burung Island, Cipir Island/Kuiper Island/Kahyangan Island, Damar Besar Island, Damar Kecil Island/Wanara Island, Dapur Island, Cina Island, Dua Barat Island, Dua Timur Island, Genteng Besar Island, Genteng Kecil Island, Gosong Pabelokan Island, Gosong Rengat Island, Gudus Lempeng Island, Gundul Island, Hantu Barat Island/Pantara Barat Island, Hantu Timur Island/Pantara Timur Island, Harapan Island, Jagung Island, Jukung Island, Kaliage Besar Island, Kaliage Kecil Island, Kalang Kudus Island, Kayu Angin Bira Island, Kayu Angin Genteng Island, Kayu Angin Melintang Island, Kayu Angin Putri Island, Karang Beras Island, Karang Congkak Island, Karang Bongkok Island, Karya Island, Kelapa Island, Kelor Barat Island, Kelor Timur Island, Kelor Besar Island, Kongsi Island, Kotok Besar Island/Kotok Barat Island, Kotok Kecil Island/Kotok Timur Island, Kuburan Cina Island, Kungsi Island/Kepala Dua Island, Laga Island, Lancang Besar Island, Lancang Kecil Island, Laki Island, Lipan Island, Macan Besar Island/Matahari Island, Macan Kecil Island, Melinjo Island, Melintang Besar Island, Melintang Kecil Island, Nyamuk Besar Island/Nirwana Island, Nyamuk Kecil Island/Talak Island, Nyamplung Island, Onrust Island/Kapal Island, Opak Kecil Island, Opak Besar Barat Island, Opak Besar Timur Island, Panjang Besar Island, Panggang Island, Paniki Island, Panjang Kecil Island, Pemagaran Island, Penyaliran Barat Island, Penyaliran Timur Island, Pabelokan Island, Perak Island, Pateloran Barat Island/Pateloran Besar Island, Pateloran Timur Island/Pateloran Kecil Island, Payung Besar Island, Payung Kecil Island, Pramuka Island, Pari Island, Petondan Besar Island/Pelangi Island, Petondan Kecil Island/Petondan Timur Island, Putri Barat Island/Putri Besar Island, Putri Timur Island/Putri Kecil Island, Putri Gundul Island, Rambut Island/Middbur Island, Rengit Island, Saktu Island, Sebaru Besar Island, Sebaru Kecil Island, Sebira Island, Semut Island, Semut Besar Island, Semut Kecil Island, Sepa Besar Island/Sepa Barat Island, Sepa Kecil Island/Sepa Timur Island, Tongkeng Island, Sekati Island, Semak Daun Island, Tengah Island, Tidung Besar Island, Tidung Kecil Island, Tikus Island, Ubi Besar Island/Rotterdam Island, Ubi Kecil Island/Sehiedam Island, Untung Jawa Island/Amiterdam Island, Yu Besar Island/Yu Barat Island, dan Yu Kecil Island/Yu Timur Island.

Picture 1. The Thousand Island National Park (

The kinds of flora you can find in The Thousand Islands are: Morinda citrifolia, Casuarina equisetifolia, Calophyllum inophyllum, Terminalia cattapa, Artocarpus altilis, Barringtonia asiatica, Cerbena adollam, Pandanus sp., Hibicus tiliaceus, Bruguiera sp., coconut tree, red algae, green algae, seaweed, and sea grass. The kinds of fauna you can find there are: Eretmochelys imbricate, Chelonia mydas, Lutjanus sp., eagle, humpwead wrasse/napoleon wrasse, tuna, mackerel, and many more.

I will share my great experience in The Thousand Island National Park, specially in Pramuka Island and Semak Daun Island. You can start your journey to The Thousand Islands from Muara Angke, Jakarta. You can travel to Pramuka Island by passenger ship about 2.5-3 hours. The other choice is from Marina Jaya Ancol by speedboat about 1-2 hours.

Picture 2. Passenger Ship at Muara Angke

Picture 3. Passengers in the Ship

Picture 4. Fisherman’s Boat in Muara Angke

Picture 5. The View at Muara Angke

Picture 6. The View Around the Ship

Picture 7. An Island Along the Trip

When you arrive at the Pramuka Island, you will see The Ecosystem Miniature Park in the quay. This park is full of many kinds of fishes, Eretmochelys imbricate, and coral. The view in the water is so beautiful and eye catching.

Picture 8. Welcome in Pramuka Island

Picture 9. Schooling Fish in The Ecosystem Miniature Park

Picture 10. Two Kinds of Sharks in The Ecosystem Miniature Park

First of all, you have to unpack your goods in hotel. But you have to make a room reservation before. The hotel is pretty good and comfortable.

Picture 11. The Hotel

Picture 12. My Room and Me

Picture 13. My Fieldtrip Friends

Picture 14. Billboard and Me

You can find the place of turtle conservation in the island. The species is Eretmochelys imbricate. You can see the baby turtles to tens age turtles.

Picture 15. The Baby Turtles

Picture 16. Tens Age Turtle

This island is completed by internet access. You can find the internet shop there. If you want to ride bicycle around the island, you can rent. You can also buy souvenir like painting shirt and accessories.

Picture 17. Internet Billboard

Picture 18. Vehicle for Kids

Picture 19. Hanging Out with Friends

Picture 20. The Shop of Painting Shirt

Picture 21. Souvenirs

Picture 22. At the Quay

There is Floating Net Cage for Lutjanus sp. and grouper fish. The location is around Pramuka Island. You can go there by a boat. There are a lot of boats at the quay. You can rent or pay for one trip with the other passengers.

Picture 23. Floating Net Cage

Picture 24. Fishes in The Floating Net Cage

Picture 25. The View at The Quay Around The Floating Net Cage

Picture 26. The Path at The Floating Net Cage

Around Pramuka Island, you can find mangrove Bruguiera sp., new planting or natural planting.

Picture 27. Mangrove

Picture 28. Walking Around Mangrove

Picture 29. Taking a Photo in Front of Mangrove

Picture 30. Taking a Photo Together

Picture 31. At the Beach

Picture 32. On the Rock

Picture 33. Looking for Something

Picture 34. Jumping into the Water

Picture 35. Looking Down

Picture 36. Sea Urchin

Picture 37. Beautiful Shell

The most important thing to do is diving and snorkeling. You can’t leave The Thousand Island before you dive into the other world in the beautiful underwater view, specially in Semak Daun Island. You will be impressed there. You can go to Semak Daun Island from Pramuka Island with a boat. You can rent for hours.

Picture 38. Boats at the Quay

Picture 39. A Boat on the Sea

Picture 40. Preparing to Dive

Picture 41. Ready to Dive

Picture 42. Diving

Picture 43. Snorkeling

Picture 44. People in the Sea

Picture 45. Anemone and Clown Fishes

Picture 46. Corals

When you have enjoyed diving in the Semak Daun Island Water, you have to visit the island. Your eyes will be comforted with the beautiful view at the island. You can see sea grass at the beach, near the quay. Enjoy the sand beach at Semak Daun Island with your friends. There, you can request if you want to try coral transplantation. It’s so easy and having fun.

Picture 47. The Quay of Semak Daun Island

Picture 48. At the Quay

Picture 49. Enjoying the Water

Picture 50. Sea Grass

Picture 51. The Beautiful View

Picture 52. Taking A Photo on the Sand

Picture 53. Transplantation Class

Picture 54. My Teacher Transplants One

Picture 55. Everybody Transplants

Picture 56. We Did It!

Picture 57. Ready to Drown It into the Water

Picture 58. Taking A Photo Before Drown It

Picture 59. Our Result

Picture 60. Taking A Photo with My Friends

Picture 61. Jumping High

It is my great experience in The Beauty Thousand Island. I will not forget these memories. I hope you will have the experience like I get. Come together with your friends. The experience is waiting for you.



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